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Athena S. Avatar
Athena S.
9/29/2020 - Facebook

what an amazing day . The staff at Diehl are wonderful, fun, experienced, educated. Matt Ferguson, Bill Coughenour, Donnie Guthrie, Corina Diehl. I told them what I wanted. Matt found my dream car immediately. During my visit employees stopped to speak with us. The staff made me feel like a Princess. offering us drinks, making us comfortable, spending time with us and laughing. I even got to meet and hug Corina Diehl. Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

Amanda R. Avatar
Amanda R.
9/24/2020 - Facebook

They were the ones who had fixed my Jeep after I had hit a buck. They did an awesome job and would recommend! Their staff was friendly and informational when updating me on the status of my Jeep.

Brian C. Avatar
Brian C.
9/22/2020 - Facebook

They service my work vehicle and do a good job. I don’t worry when they have it because I know any work will be done correctly. I recommend them.

Lenny C. Avatar
Lenny C.
9/14/2020 - Facebook

Collision department was wonderful as was service

Don D. Avatar
Don D.
9/13/2020 - Google

Thanks to Matt for helping us find our 6th vehicle bought at Diehl! Everyone is super friendly and informative! We are always happy customers when we leave the lot!

Talayshia H. Avatar
Talayshia H.
9/08/2020 - Google

Greg Gallagher is a very good salesperson. Very upbeat positive man who has your best interest as well! He helped me get a good deal on my new 2020 Jeep Cherokee. I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a vehicle to stop in Diehl Automative Group & consultant with him!

Luna71 Avatar
9/07/2020 - CarGurus

Friendly staff

John P. Avatar
John P.
9/01/2020 - Google

I had been out looking for a vehicle and had been to a couple dealers that day. No one wanted to negotiate with me on a Dodge Challenger, when I got to Deihl they had an RT that I liked. I test drove it and was able to negotiate a deal I was happy with and drove it home that evening. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!!

Vicky W. Avatar
Vicky W.
8/31/2020 - Facebook

work very hard to meet our needs and price was very helpful on every detail

Tina F. Avatar
Tina F.
8/26/2020 - Facebook

Awesome recommend Diehl for anyone looking for a vehicle.

Randy W. Avatar
Randy W.
8/24/2020 - Facebook

Fantastic truck for a great price! We enjoyed working with the personable staff. They made the process easy and care free.

jeff l. Avatar
jeff l.
8/15/2020 - Google

Diehl Automotive worked with me on a trade in truck that I had and got me into something newer and better! Thanks to Matt F., Randy and Jack at the Diehl store in Butler. I am very appreciative of all the work you guys did to get me out of my previous vehicle! If anyone needs a good group of guys at this dealership, hit them up. They went above and beyond... THANK YOU DIEHL AUTOMOTIVE!

Angela C. Avatar
Angela C.
8/15/2020 - Google

Went in with the intentions on working with Jesus who was nothing but great in helping my parents purchase a truck, but unfortunately he wasn't working when went in. All the sales reps were with other customers and without any hesitation, Matt who handles the financing stepped in and helped my son purchase his car. The following day when the car arrived and we were scheduled to pick it up, Matt and Jeff were nothing but helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. It was nice to be in and out in a timely manner and not spend and entire day in a dealership like I've done in the past at other places.

Jim G. Avatar
Jim G.
8/15/2020 - Google

Good place to buy a vehicle. Very accommodating. Dan Wimer is your man to see

Pattrick M. Avatar
Pattrick M.
8/15/2020 - Google

Jack Rial and Greg Gallagher were absolutely awesome. I highly recommend going to Diehl before deciding to make a purchase at another dealership.

A C. Avatar
A C.
8/15/2020 - Google

Great price right away and a more than fair offer on the trade in value. Great deal and I am happy.

Nicolas C. Avatar
Nicolas C.
8/15/2020 - Google

Josh really took care of me. He treated me like an old friend that I’ve known for years as opposed to just another buyer that he cared nothing for. Great personality and easy to talk to. He helped me find what I was looking for in a truck and wouldn’t settle for anything less until I was completely satisfied with the truck. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, stop in and see Josh Philips. He will take care of you.

Janelle H. Avatar
Janelle H.
8/15/2020 - Google

We had a wonderful experience at Butler, Diehl dealership. The salesman and finance employees we exceptional and exceeded all our our expectations! We are very happy with the vehicle we leased and all their help find the one that meets all our wants. Thank you all who help us, we appreciate you!

Kathy B. Avatar
Kathy B.
8/15/2020 - Google

Nice people to diehl (lol) with

Teri G. Avatar
Teri G.
8/15/2020 - Google

First new car purchase for my son and it was a very easy process and they treated him like he was the only client that day!

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